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Isle Royale Charters runs charters to Isle Royale from mid June through mid September. Specializing in scuba diving, trips usually consist of 5 day runs. We offer both recreational trips as well as technical ones. You can expect delicious meals (good home style cooking and a charcoal grilled dinner meal), excellent diving, and amazing island scenery . If you would like to try your luck at lake trout or salmon fishing between dives, (island rules allowing), bring your gear and MI fishing license and give it a try. (The fishing at Isle Royale is probably the best in Lake Superior.)


The Lake Superior Diver is a USCG registered 38ft Chris Craft Commander. For navigation it is equipped with radar, loran, GPS, VHF radiotelephone, depth sounders, and a compass. It is also equipped with a 5000 psi 9 cubic foot/minute compressor, Tri-Hunter 6000 Nitrox/Trimix mixing stick, oxygen resusitator, and other equipment necessary to support safe wreck diving. Conveniences include a 110 VAC generator, refrigerator, electric galley, microwave oven, and of course a marine head (toilet). You can expect delicious meals (good home style cooking and a charcoal grilled dinner meal).  Sleeping accommodations consist of two queen size bunks and two single bunks.




Ryan Staley – Duluth, MN | bio
Mike “Ozzey” Oswald – Anoka, Minnesota | bio

Ryan Staley lives in Duluth, MN and has been diving since June 1994. Ryan received his instructor certification in 2002. Ryan is a PADI Master Scuba Diving Trainer with 19 specialties and 3 distinctive specialties. Ryan is also a NAUI instructor with certifications in Ice, Technical Nitrox, Decompression Techniques, and Heliotrox. Ryan also holds certifications with TDI and IANTD in Trimix and dives an Evolution CCR.   Ryan is also a NASE Worldwide dive instructor.  Ryan became a Licenced Coast Guard Captain in 2006 and as been increasing his boating experience on Lake Superior, as well as the waters off Key West. In addition to Lake Superior diving, Ryan enjoys diving in the Caribbean with his favorite spot in Little Cayman. Ryan’s favorite wrecks at Isle Royale are the Emperor and the Kamloops.  His favorite wreck not on the island is the Gunilda.

Mike “Ozzey” Oswald of Anoka, MN started diving in July of 1993. After doing local dives that year and a trip to Florida Keys that winter he became totally hooked on the sport. In the summer of 1994 I started working part time in a local dive shop in the Twin Cities. While working there he continued to learn more by taking a multitude of class through PADI, SDI, IANTD and TDI also became a repair tech. He took the PADI Dive Master class in 1998 and worked with classes and leading dives. In 2004 he made the step up to a SDI Instructor and soon after TDI. In 2007 he started diving Inspiration rebreather and in 2008 became an instructor for Inspiration. After many years of diving and crewing different charter boats at Isle Royale and a lot of boating experience in Superior and the rivers Mike became USCG Captain in 2006. Mike enjoys diving the wrecks of the Great Lakes but has a true passion for the wrecks of Isle Royale and is always willing to point out things to look for on the wrecks. Mike enjoys diving the Kamloops and the Monarch but his favorite is the Emperor, a wreck he’s dove many times and can’t wait to get back to.